Naturalist Cabin

Flora, fauna and critters. Oh, my! Marianne Hudson is the Russell Lands On Lake Martin Naturalist and Wildlife Educator. Marianne is a lifelong student of nature and an avid outdoorsman with over 12 years experience using forests as classrooms. Marianne has spent most of her personal and professional life in the woods. She introduces visitors to Russell Lands On Lake Martin's variety of flora and fauna through specially scheduled Guided Nature Tours and Wildlife Presentations at the Russell Crossroads Naturalist Cabin.

Marianne is a wildlife rehabilitator licensed by the State of Alabama to raise and release native wildlife. Certain presentations at Russell Lands On Lake Martin will feature these captive animals. Marianne is also a raptor trainer and has been working as a biologist and educator for Auburn University's Southeastern Raptor Center since 2004 where she is one of War Eagle's trainers. When not walking the 80 miles of beautiful trails in the Russell Forest, she's enjoying them from horseback.

To view the schedule of Nature Tours and Wildlife Presentations, please visit the Russell Lands On Lake Martin calendar. Or to reach Marianne in person, email or call 256.496.2710.

Address: Next door to Catherine's Market